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Building control

Building control as a technical authority for heavy overhaul of the bridge over the Volga river in Yaroslavl city

Test of protective waterproofing for cohesive tearing-off

Sampling of asphalt concrete (Macadam and mastic asphalt concrete)

Monitoring the mounting tension in prestressed concrete beams during the construction of the flyover at M-5 "Ural" highway in Ryazan

Control the carriageway of carriageway (right half of the overpass) of concrete slab curing and waterproofing on the plate of the carriageway (the left half of the overpass)

Control over the stages of the construction of the approach embankment to the flyover

Control over the embankment filling during the construction of the approaches to the flyover

Construction control of repairing an flyover on the M-4 "Don" highway

Construction control during the reconstruction of the Pioneer pond in the of Gorky Park in Moscow

A survey of more than 30 bridges on the Ulyanovsk-Saransk route for determining the conditions of super heavy (more than 300 tons) outsized cargo cars passing with the development of the project enhance. Monitoring of bridges during passing of cargoes on them.