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Monitoring during construction

1. Supervision the installation of building structures

The IMIDIS institute participated in the scientific supervision of superstructures installation on the bridge across the Volga river in Yaroslavl and Kineshma, across the Kama River in Perm, across the Moscow River in Moscow, across the Neva River in St. Petersburg, across the Kazanka river in Kazan, across the Dnieper river in Kiev, across the Kuban river in Cherkessk, etc.

During the monitoring process the values of the deflection and stress in bearings mounted superstructure of the building are controlled. Their values in real time are compared with calculated and extremely valid values.

The city of Kazan, the construction of the Millennium Bridge

The city of Kiev, the construction of a road-cum-rail bridge across Dnieper river

Town of Kineshma, sliding of the bridge span across the Volga river

Moscow, Patriarshy bridge, supervision of span swing

Moscow, the supervision of overpasses sliding on the Third ring (Nizhegorodskaya Street)

Moscow, supervision of trestle sliding over MKAD (Marshal Zhukov Avenue)

Moscow,supervision of trestle sliding near the business centre of the City

Moscow, steel lining stress and diaphragm pressure monitoring when drilling Alabiano-Baltic tunnel

The city of Perm, sliding of the bridge span across the Kama river

The city of Yaroslavl, sliding of the bridge span across the river Volga

Monitoring in the process of surface mounting bridge span on the Russky island across the Eastern Bosphorus strait

St.Petersburg, monitoring in the process of span assembly mounting on the part of the Western high-speed diameter

St.Petersburg, trestle is sliding through Moscow Avenue

The town of Cherkessk, the inclinometer installation on the bridge over the Kuban river

The town of Cherkessk, supervision of bridge span support movement across the Kuban river

2. Supervision of span dismantling

In the process of dismantling of spans it is very important to control the tension arising from the effects of heavy equipment. In addition, it is necessary to determine the stresses at the ends to be dismantled in order to avoid a "shot" at the slit or unbolting.

Moscow, dismantling of Krestovsky viaduct

Town of Aksai, monitoring in the process of dismantling the bridge span across the Don river

3. Supervision of reconstruction

The town of Tver, monitoring during the process of reconstruction of the bridge over the Volga river

Moscow, monitoring during construction of the Leningrad tunnel beneath the Baltic-Alabian tunnel

Video: Supervision the movement of bridge span across the Volga river