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Monitoring during operation

In general, the monitoring includes observing not only stress-deformed state of building structures, but also the natural, technological and human impacts, such as temperature, humidity, wind and seismic loads, weights of vehicles and their timings, etc.

IMIDIS institute has specialists in structural mechanics and strength of materials as well as in the field of electronics and programming, which allows us to design and implement monitoring in optimum manner.

We have held long monitoring of the stress-strain state of a large number of supports and the arched aperture buildings on operated bridges.

Monitoring the location of the road-cum-rail bridge supports over the North Dvina river in Arkhangelsk

Monitoring the location of pillars of the railway bridge over the Don river in Volgograd region

On the basis of experience a standard project monitoring of railway bridge pillars was developed. The combined data transfer channel was used: the sensors were polled by radio, and the collected data were transmitted to Moscow by Internet.

Monitoring of the stress-strain state of the Eastern bridge over the Volga River in Tver was carried out in three stages:

• during the partial dismantling of the existing structures;

• while increasing span;

• in the operational period (ongoing, set 160 sensors).