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Inspection and tests of dockyard hydro technical constructions

Purpose of the inspection is appraisal the technical condition of dockyard hydro technical constructions (HTC) and possibility of its use in the prescribed manner.r.

In the inspection process the physical wear and tear items and constructions in General are determined.

On the basis of the received data the conclusion about the technical state of buildings compiled.

Taking into account the detected damage values of permissible loads on the structure are adjusted . Recommendations and regulations for restoration and strengthening of the surveyed objects are made.

When you want to determine the actual carrying capacity of the constructions they are tested in field conditions.

Monitoring the objects made, including the cases when the designated repair facility that has damage, temporarily postponed.

Department of waterworks carries out certification of hydroengineering constructions of sea and river dockyards as well as their regular inspection and examination within the framework of existing regulations.

Determination of strength properties of concrete dividing method

Strength characteristics of concrete upper berths studying with abrasive hardness method.

nspection the permanent concrete mooring condition of berthing dolphin.