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Division of highways

Specialists of Road Department conduct the following works:

Diagnostics of highways;

The definition of geometric parameters and characteristics:

-the width of the carriageway, the strengthenedroad pavement and the hard strips;
- width of shoulders, including hardened;
- type and state of shoulder building;
- longitudinal profile;
- side slopes of road pavement and shoulders;
- horisontal curve radiuses and superelevation gradient;
- height of embankment, depth of cut and their slopes; subgrade condition;
- the distance for the pavement in terms of visibility in plane and profile.

Characterization of road pavement and cover includes :

- determination of the design constructure of the pavement and the type of coverage;
- determination of the strength and condition of the pavement and cover (existencethe presence, type, location and characteristics of defects);
- determination of longitudinal pavement evenness of road pavement;
- determination of transverse evennes of road pavement (wheel tracking);
- determination of roughness and coefficient of adhesion of wheels with pavement.

Determination of the presence and characteristics of construction and road equipment includes:

- determination of the location of the milestones and road cones;
- location of road signs, their condition and compliance with rules and regulations of the arrangement;
- detection of road striping, its state and conformity with the norms and rules of application;
- locating fences, their construction, location, length, condition, compliance with the rules and regulations of the installation;
- determination of illumination existence;
- detecting the location of junctions, intersections, roads and railways, their type, location, compliance with the rules of design;
- detecting the bus stops, pavilions, rest areas, places for car halting and parking, their main characteristics and regulatory compliance;
- determination of the existence of additional roadway lanes and deceleration speed strips, their basic parameters.

Logging and updating information into automated bank of road data (ABRD) at both the Federal and territorial levels are carried out according to results of diagnostics.

Workers of the Division of highways develop special technical conditions (STC) for design and construction of road network, as well as harmonization of the STC with the Ministry of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation.

Determination of elastic modulus of pavement installation of DIN-3 m under Industry Road Codes 218.1.052-2002.

Determination of the coefficient of adhesion of wheel with road pavement device PPK MADI VNIIBD according to GOST 30413-96.

The definition of pavement evenness with the universal 3- metre highway rod according to SNiP 3.06.03-85.

The sandy soil sampling to determine compaction sand underlayment according to GOST 5180-84.

Compaction quality control of sand underlayment with dynamic densitometer CP-150 according to SNiP 3.06.03-85.

Selection of the cores of the upper layer asphalt pavement.

Temperature control with bimetallic thermometer TBP-40 when laying asphalt concrete mixture.

Specialists of the Department took part in road works on the following objects:

• The reconstruction of the Federal Highway M-8 "Kholmogory" from km 20 to km 22 (Junction of Korolev – Mytishchi);

• The reconstruction of the Federal Highway M-5 "Ural" from km 202+690 to km 221+900 in the Ryazan region;

• Pre-acceptance diagnostics of Tula - Novomoskovsk highway from km 34+800 to km 51+660;

• Diagnosis of the M-3 «Ukraine» federal highway from km 37 to km 153;

• Diagnosis of the Alternate of Kurortny Avenue in Sochi and several others.