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The Institute has a strong modern measuring base, allowing precise instrumental measurement of investigated objects.

The specialists of our Institute usу following devices:

• geodetic instruments (levels, transits);
• pachometers;
• devices for measuring the thickness of metal and paint coating;
• potentiometric measuring device for corrosive activity of reinforcement;
• radioscaner RASKAN for building materials;
• thermal imager;
• pyrometer;
• lazer rulers;
• device for dynamic loading of road pavement;
• devices for ultrasonic testing of concrete;
• ultrasonic hardness tester;
• scanning sonar;
• digital scleroscope;
• adgesiometer.

We develop an original measuring system KIS-IMIDIS, which allows to measure different types of deformations of building structures. Sensor signals are recorded in real time and converted into engineering units. The data obtained stored on a personal computer and displayed as graphs and tables.